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Which Foods and Exercise make you Smart and Healthy

Why I am looking Healthy and Smart:

In this article, you will study food between exercises. For losing weight what should we do? Food and exercise are necessary for Weight loss. If we do exercise but do not take a proper diet we become unhealthy. If we take just food but do not do exercise so our weight increases immediately.

Foods or Exercises For Weight Loss:

Food seems to be the crystal clear answer if we want to lose weight. First of all, we have to avoid taking calories. No calories, no weight. Food just makes energy for our body if we take food carefully and on the time we can’t gain weight. We can gain weight when we take more calories than needed. That is why it is said to take fewer calories to lose weight. When you start to take less food for your increasing weight but this process does not remain for long last. Intake energetic food just 2 times a day but do not act upon the previous habit of eating food  .you have to take breakfast after sunrise then you have to make dinner after sunset. During these, you can take black tea, milk tea sometimes coffee but without surge. You also can drink juice .you can take fruits and dry fruits .just finish oil and sugar in your life you can be fit no need of a diet.

Exercise Is More Dominant Than Diet  Foods for Weight Loss? 

To Eat Food For Alive not Alive For Food:

For Weighting loss, you must do both things get diet food and exercise every day. Both are important for Weight Loss. If you are overweight in your body billion calories are stored already now you start to lose your weight so, you must take both actions take without calories food and do exercise if you lose one day one kg it is enough for losing weight. for example: if you are 100kg, after 3 months you will be 70kg when you reach 70kg your weight will decrease fastly more than before. If you work for more than two months you will be fit. After 5 months we can be fit. Now you can take anything but do not overload. Just remove the hungry but not full the belly.

It is said that food is not alive, for Alive People Eat Food.

5 Foods and Exercise For make you smart and Healthy
Food to Lose Weight:

If you want to lose weight in the long term, you have to maintain your food and do exercise two times a day. In the morning and in the evening both times are perfect times for exercise. Try to take in fewer calories.

Energy Spending and Calorie inhalation :

Calories can be spent when you burn your energy. Energy expenditure is Important for Weight Loss. Do it one thing, how much you up to take calories, you have to burn calories more than you take. The burning process should be higher than the taking process.

Daily exercise assists to enhance your metabolic rate. It will remove the strength of calories. If you inhale 1k calories so you must burn 2k calories a day, in this process you will gain weight loss.

Make Good Food Alternative:

Your food is important for your active health. Energetic food makes your health active. Your food must consist of many parts.You food must include vegetables ,fruits,dry fruits,meat,fish and lentils / pulses.

Keep in mind My Healthy Plate recommendation:

Wholegrain  =    1/4
Proteins      =    1/4
Fruits         =    1/4
Vegetables  =    1/4

 This is a balanced meal of 150 minutes or 250 minutes of exercise to maintain your health and help you to gain weight loss according to the college of America. Every day exercise will help you to increase your breathing system that is beneficial for your heart.

Balance Your Food:

Managing your key food and balanced calories are working for your weight. For weight loss, you must give up your favourite food that is high in calories. Females need 1.6 kcalories while males need 2k calories per day.

When you take in more calories and your body burns just 1.6 kcalories other calories are stored in the body and make the female fat. Same the process with a male that his body burns just 2k calories and remaining calories stored in the body and increase the weight of males.

Food with Less Calories:

There are some foods that contain fewer calories. If you take one gram your body stores calories according to the food. Now it is up to you what kind of food will you take to get 1.6k for females and 2 k for males.

Amaranth leaves  30.5, Beet greens 34.6,
Brussels sprouts 44.2,Cabbage Chinese 17.9,
Cabbage, green 21.5, Cauliflower leaves 35.4,
Colocasia leaves, green 43.4 ,Spinach 24.3,
Radish, white 32.2, Ash gourd 17.4,
Bamboo shoot, tender 16.2, Bitter gourd 20.7,
Bottle gourd 10.9, Brinjal 25.3, Broad beans 29.3,
Capsicum 16.2, Cauliflower 22.9, Celery stalk 16.4,
Cho-Cho-Marrow 18.8, Cluster beans  40.1,
Cucumber 19.5, French beans 24.3, Knol-Khol16,
Kovai 19.1, Ladies finger 27.4, Parwar 24.1,
Plantain stem 39.4, Pumpkin 23.1,
Ridge gourd 13.1, Snake gourd 12.4, Tomato 20.7
Zucchini, green 20, Beetroot 35.6, Carrot 33.2,
Potato brown 69.7, Radish,white 32.2,Apple 62.3,
Apricot, dried 31.5, Blackberry fruit 54.2,
Cherries red 59.7, Blackcurrants 54.2, Mango  41.8,
Musk melon 23.1, Orange 37.2, Papaya 23.9,
Peach 40.1, Pear 37.5, Pineapple 43, Plum 56.8,
Pomegranate 54.7, Strawberry 24.6,
Watermelon 20.3, Green chilies 45.6,
Curry leaves 63.5, Ginger, fresh 54.9, Mint leaves3,
Onion 48, Basil seeds 22
Sugarcane, juice 57.8, Soy milk 54,
Egg white, raw 44.6, Oyster 60.2,
Tiger prawns 65.2, Clam 58, Coconut water 15.2.

I conclude the article with beautiful words that food and exercises are like body and soul. Without a body-soul is nothing and without a soul body is nothing. Alon’s body is called a skeleton and Alon soul is called a ghost.

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