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The New Fashion Of Hijab, Abaya, And Veil 2023

With different trends in multiple Muslim countries, the choices of styles and the new fashion for abaya, hijab, and veil in 2022  have spread all over the world.

Earlier, the designers only used to make abayas and hijabs in black color four to five years ago. Following the trend of Turkish and Malaysian abayas with veils and hijabs, many countries have adopted this trend.

Moreover, Designers worldwide have also launched different colors and designs of abaya with veil and hijab since those styles of hijabs look so much better in different colors and prints.

The New Fashion Of Abaya And Hijab Veil In The Sub-Continent

The most recent designs of abayas and hijabs have become widely popular worldwide. The abaya shape resembles a jacket or a formal coat with a head covering known as a hijab.

Everyone, including modern people, wear this veil. Hijab Day is now celebrated in several countries on the first of February.

However, The abaya, veil, and hijab trend has spread to the subcontinent from the  Arab and Middle East countries. Chaddar or dupatta is a tradition of the ancient subcontinent, but it is also a globalization tradition and custom.

Abaya and hijab have become far too easy for women to wear. Women feel and look beautiful because it’s more comfortable than a chaddar and a dupatta.

Different Types of Abaya and Hijab Materials

Fashion Of Hijab
Fashion Of Hijab

Chiffon Material Abaya’s and Hijabs

One of the best materials for an Abaya and hijab is chiffon. Cotton, silk, and synthetic materials, among others, are use to make chiffon hijabs. You’ll feel comfortable and gorgeous wearing this material because it is light to wear.

Crinkle Cotton Material  Abaya’s and Hijabs

These gorgeous Cotton abayas and hijabs are both soft and stylish to wear. These abayas and hijabs’ are crinkled in texture, and lightweight, which helps them to stay in place.

Jersey Material  Abaya’s and Hijabs

The jersey is a super soft, stretchy fabric, easy to style, and won’t come off easily.  It goes well with any outfit and is very versatile.

This jersey material abaya and hijab is great because it is lightweight, and the abaya and hijab of this fabric can be worn all year long.

Satin Material  Abaya’s and Hijabs

Another top material for hijabs and abayas is ich is available in a wide range of shades and prints. Women prefer this material because wearing a satin abaya and hijabs feels comfortable.

Let’s look at various hijab styles that are appropriate for any occasion now that we know the different hijab materials currently on the market.

The New Fashion of Hijabs

New Fashion of Hijabs
New Fashion of Hijabs

Let’s look at various hijab styles that are appropriate for any occasion now that we know the different hijab materials currently on the market.

Traditional and Simple hijab

Women continue to wear simple full hijabs with a traditional touch. This hijab is made of Plain Black cotton fabric with crochet bordered is used to make this hijab. Women commonly wear this type of hijab.

Pagdi Style Hijab

This pagdi-style hijab is popular these days because it has a modernized touch in it. The head portion is covered by this hijab which looks like a pagdi. It is wrapped over the head and pinned from behind, creating two layers on the top of the head.

Layered Hijab

The best hijab style gives your face a charming look. The chiffon material used to make the hijab has prints or diamond work. The hijab is easy to wear and has several layers on the chest and the head.

Over the Shoulder Drape

Over the shoulder drape style require the most elegant fabrics for a beautiful drape. Bring out your chiffons, matte satin and satin, and hijabs for this look.

All you need to do is pin your hijab so that the two sides are equal beneath your chin. Lastly, cross both sides over the opposite shoulder, and you’re done

Turban Hijab

This stunning and elegant hijab is ideal for busy women. This is the sleekest and most elegant style. The turban hijab is subtle while still making an impression.

This lovely look is achieved by wrapping the hijab behind your neck and then tying the hijab into a top knot. It is a simple way to style your hijab without the use of extra pins.

If you’re concerned about your neck covering, pair this hijab look with a high collar top or turtleneck. This look works best in jersey or crinkle cotton fabrics.

The New Fashion of Abaya’s

New Fashion of Abaya’s web blogss
New Fashion of Abaya’s

Pearled Abaya Design

The pearl style of abaya is crafted from silk or metallic fabric and decorated with lovely beads. That design is even more gorgeous than the traditional batwing abaya because it has lovely designs on the sleeves and neckline. Women can wear it with either a dress or pants.

Maxi Style Abaya Design

Women who want to cover a large portion of their bodies without wearing the full abaya wear the maxi abaya. This covers your body’s upper half but does not cover your feet. It allows you to wear it with flat or high-heeled shoes. This is suitable for someone who wants to cover her hair while remaining fashionable!

Sheer Abaya Design

Sheer abayas are really sophisticated and elegant. These abayas have a high-neck or plunging neckline and are made of light fabrics. Such abayas look great with pants or a maxi dress. You can display your shoulders and lower back thanks to the sheer abaya, which makes you appear skinnier.

Fancy Style Abaya Design

Even though this style of abaya is made of more vibrant colors and covers your entire body, it is still very traditional. Both men and women can wear this style of the abaya.

Floral Style Abaya Design

Such kind of abaya is made of silk and has a vibrant color. That is typically white or black, even though occasionally, it contains a mix of colors (like red and green) or patterns (for example, flower prints). Abayas of this style look great with floral dresses and tights.

How many Women Wear Abaya and Hijab?

In Muslim countries, 60% of the women wear an abaya with a veil and hijab when they go outside, almost 40% of women wear a chaddar to go outside, and some women just wear a scarf.

According to a private marketing firm consultant research, the hijab trend has nearly tripled among young urban females in Pakistani women aged 16 to 28.

Ten years of research reveal that in 2008 only  9% of young urban girls preferred to wear the hijab outside; by 2018, that percentage had risen to 25%. In 2019, the report on the comparative study was made public.

Why do Women Wear Hijabs?

A lady known as Saba Warraich, 25, stated that wearing an abaya, a veil, and a hijab helps her feel secure and empowered. She began wearing the abaya, a veil with a hijab, when she was a college student. Now finished with her Mphil in mass communication.

She also wears an abaya and covers her head with a hijab when she leaves the city. As a mass communication graduate, her fieldwork is related to shooting dramas and advertisements. However, She goes to shooting in the same attire. She further added that she felt confident and strong in her attire.


Women can express their creativity and have fun with their outfits thanks to the various Hijab abaya and veil styles. The above article explains how the trend has begun to wear hijab abaya and veil among women and feel empowered and confident.

You can see the different styles of hijab and abaya in this article. Every person can find an abaya in color and style that suits them! You can be sure to find the ideal abaya and hijab for you, no matter your style.

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