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The New Fashion of Hijab, Abaya and Veil 2022

How to Wear an Abaya and Veil?

Fashion of abaya and veil: in this blog, you will study the fashion of abaya and veil. In the new generation, the abaya become a part of fashion as it makes the personality of women. I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog.

Introduction of Fashion Of Abaya And  Veil:

The latest designs of abayas and hijabs are getting popular all over the world. The abaya shape looks like a jacket or a formal coat that covers the head known as a hijab. Everyone adopts this veil even modern ones also put on it. Nowadays abaya day is celebrated in different countries. On the first of February, this day is celebrated. There is one of the designers launched the latest collection of hijab, abaya, and veil. she is known as Nida Imran. Many customers are young girls who go to college, school, university, and madrasa or office. They feel comfortable wearing an abaya or veil.

Nowadays police also wear abaya and veils to save them from dust. There is another well-known designer age of 34-years told to Anadolu Agency about stylish of abaya, hijab, or veil that abaya, hijab or veil is very beneficial for women and young girls. She launches a new collection of abaya, hijab, or veils every month because of their value. there are many countries women, and girls wear the abaya, hijab, and veil because of the weather in cool weather they wear this abaya, hijab, and veil to save them from cool weather, and in the summer season the abaya, hijab, and veil save them from harmless rays of sunlight. usually, people wear the fashionable abaya, or hijab in winner season during the attending the marriage party because the abaya, hijab, and veil make the personality and as well as feel comfortable and calm. Imran said that she lunches abaya with a stylish hijab matching it. The fancy abaya and hijab collection are lunch during the winter season. many researchers are studied the abaya, hijab, and veil according to a researcher known as Pulse Consultant the word hijab is taken from the Arab world. hijab is the trend in many countries. when someone young girls aged 16 to 45 age to the inner-city so they wear an abaya, hijab, and veil to feel calm. they look beautiful and charming to putting on an abaya, hijab, and veil. Abaya, hijab, and veil in different colors and different fashions. if we look at the research of decane of research it is mentioned that 9%of young girls go to the inner-city to put on abaya, hijab, and veil in this trend is progressing in 2018 25% of young girls wear to go to urban. It means this fashion is going on and can not be finished. Corona also brings hijab many people do not cover their faces but due to that virus they also keep on wearing hijab in place of putting the mask. The top fourteen countries prefer abaya, hijab, and veil to wear abaya, hijab, and veil to move outside.

Sustainable Fashion with Statements:

The Fashion of Abaya and Veil
The Fashion of Abaya and Veil

​By taking hijabs and abayas, women are choosing sustainable fashion that is also in their statements.

Price of Abaya with Hijab:

The price of an abaya with hijab is almost two thousand ($12) and if you want to select the fashionable and according to the festival that will go almost eight thousand to nine thousand ($40 to 50).simple abaya with hijab usually people wear abaya 8 to 9 hours daily because that abaya with hijab is simple and calm as dress & festival or fashionable abaya hours during the party,” according to Imran”.

With trends in the different Muslim countries, options and styles & fashions have expanded fundamentally of  abaya with hijab:

If we look behind nine to ten years ago, we use just a single color of abaya with hijab. we used black color with a black hijab. as you know that Turkish and Malaysian wear a different color of the abaya, a veil with a hijab. many Muslim or non-muslim countries start watching the movie in Turkish or Malaysian where young girls wear different colors of abaya to go to school, college, university, and offices. like that many countries adopt the trend of the colorful abaya, veil with hijab. There is a drama serial from Turkish known as Alif. She fought to get the education with her abaya with the hijab as there is not allowed to wear an abaya, a veil to enter the university. As she is a brave girl who fought to get an education with an abaya coat and hijab.

Take Chaddar in Place of Abaya, Veil and Hijab:

Take chaddar in Place of Abaya, Veil and Hijab
Take chaddar in Place of Abaya, Veil and Hijab

If we talk about Muslim countries so many people wear the chaddar to go outside. Almost 40% person women wear cheddar and 60% person women wear an abaya, a veil with a hijab and some just wear a scarf to go outside.

The Trend of Abaya and Hijab in the Sub-continent:

The trend of abaya, veil, and hijab has come to the sub-continent from the Middle East and  Arab countries. Chaddar or dupatta is also the tradition of the ancient sub-continent but also this is the tradition & custom of globalization. Abaya veil and hijab become too easier to carry for women. Women feel calm and look beautiful. According to Hafeez abaya, veil and hijab are fantastic coats for women. As it is more comfortable than chaddar and dupatta.

Point of View of Saba Warraich:

There is a lady known as Saba warraich age 25 said that she wears an abaya, veil, and hijab to feel empowered and this gives her a sense of security. she said that when she was in college she started to wear the abaya, a veil with a hijab. she completed her MPhil in mass communication. even on the project, she goes out of the city with an abaya and a veil with a hijab. Even though she goes to shooting under the same circumstances. furthermore, she said she felt empowered and secure in her attire.


At to end of the blog, I would like to tell you about abaya “Be like a diamond Precious & Rare, not like a stone everywhere.

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