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Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller For Xbox 1X

Make use of the incredible cable-enhanced control panel Power A Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller For Xbox 1X to play a brilliant game. With official Xbox licensing, this unique gamepad gives you brilliant power and LED personalization.

Make your favorite color combination with vibrant colors and a range of tones in three distinct spectral regions. Additionally, the great LED effects enable respiración and solid modes.

Naturally, you’ll obtain a competitive advantage with professional features like two assignable buttons that you can configure over the march and three-way gate closures for highly specific launches. A 0.138-inch audio-stereo connector with a single-touch microphone mute and an easy-to-use share button will let you keep yourself in place.

They are connected to other players. Thanks to the powerful dual motor, you can get an intensely involved gaming experience.

For What Purpose Can You Use Xbox Controller?

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Powerful Features

Wired Controller For Xbox 1
Wired Controller For Xbox 1

This video game has a lot of features. A thought illumination Wired Controller For Xbox 1 called Spectra Infinity uses 20 various color tones to evoke intense emotions and mental imagery. It connects to three different color zones that operate the Spectra Zone.

Two LED modes are available: You can choose between breathing and in-sale modes, and each zone has ten light levels. This product features two mappable buttons for advanced gaming. It implies that a map can represent it and that the buttons on the product game’s back are functional.

In addition to fantastic game features like three different methods to use Trigger Guard for super-express lunch, this brand-new upgraded mouse for Xbox Series X S provides. Additionally, it contains dual or double immersive rumble motors.

Volume control and mute mic button are also present on this product. This product features a plus-shaped D-Pad, exactness or precision-tuned analog thumbsticks connected by slick anti-friction rings, and an easy-to-use controller, bumper, and trigger layout.

The fact that it does not require batteries is the most significant feature. The fact that it has a two-year warranty is noteworthy. Do not stop to purchase this item.

Multiplayer Gameplay

Any Xbox One, the Xbox Series X/S, and Windows 10 PCs may all use the Spectra. Because it is a wired gamepad, you may play right away by plugging it onto a USB port.

Will Greenwald compared the Spectra’s controls to those of an Xbox Wireless Gamepad and found little to no difference in the Spectra’s analog stick tension, front button stiffness, or control pad alignment. It has the feel of an Xbox controller, indicating a great or successful beginning.

Although the trigger breaks are somewhat more delicate than the trigger plug-up, the triggers nonetheless function flawlessly and effectively. On other gamepads, he has noted that the pull distance with stops at the most basic setting is not all that more basic than the pull gap without stops.

Even though the motion is still teeny-tiny, it is not significant. With the Spectra, Hollow Knight seemed incredibly approachable. Will Greenwald had no trouble thriving on points with timed assaults or defeating some of the game’s early presidents, despite the glossy commendation pad feeling slightly oily or slippy compared to the matte recognition button on the first-party Xbox controller.

Another gadget, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, is also ideal for Spectra. When playing Hollow Knight, the analog sticks were just as easy to use as the direction pad. The springy face buttons and pusher allowed him to complete equally difficult combinations with controls, returns, wall drive, and wall shots.

Style Over Wireless Convenience

The PowerA Spectra Infinity is a reputable,  wired PC and Xbox gamepad with a luring light display and eye-catching novelty. You can use it with cable, this is pretty appealing. you can buy the price of $45 with wired. It does not need any battery charger as it is connected with a USB or PC, or laptop with Windows 10. It is affected by light sparking around of gamed machine. If you want to stay wireless, the Wired Controller For Xbox 1 is still a reputable standard even without presumably back buttons.

Feels Like a First-Party Wired Controller For Xbox 1

Wired Controller For Xbox 1
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The Spectra has a similar shape to the regular Wired Controller For Xbox 1 and almost the same feel. While the back panel is made of patterned, slightly glossier black plastic, the front panel is made of smooth, matte black plastic.

There are two analog sticks offset from one another, four face buttons, a direction pad, buttons for Menu, View, and Capture, bumper/trigger pairs at the top, and a 3.5mm headset connector on the bottom. Of course, this is a typical Xbox layout. Instead of the navigational disc on the Xbox Series X/Series S gamepad, the navigation pad is plus-shaped like on the Xbox One controller. Even so, it seems familiar.

The comfortable gamepad could easily be mistaken for the original Wired Controller For Xbox 1 until you feel the flat circular Gaming Consoles Controls on the back, where your index fingers usually rest. The considerable contrasts between the Spectral and the Xbox Wireless Remote become clear upon further examination of the gamepad.

A superior illuminated position for the headphone jack is between the steering pad and the right analog stick. The gamepad’s rear also houses three-way trigger locking handles with Software and LED buttons sandwiched between them and the Advanced Gaming Buttons. Since this is a completely wired controller, there is no battery box door.

Instead, a recessed micro-USB connector on the top edge is connected to a 10-foot fiber cable with an explosive junction and a USB-A socket at the other end

Add Some Colored Lights

The Spectra’s major feature is hidden behind translucent grey borders that surround the analog paddles, guidance pad, and face buttons. A similarly transparent ring also runs along the gamepad’s edge. When the controller is plugged in, these boundaries start to glow in a Tron-like manner.

Three zones, four colors, each with five shades, and numerous brightness levels make up this effect’s configurable settings. The eye-catching light effect and color selection allow you to customize the gamepad’s appearance.

Even though the colors around the analog sticks, navigation pad, and face controls are brighter, the light tubing around the operator’s edge is still attractive. However, customizing those LEDs is a little awkward.

There is no PowerA app for setting up the Innovative Gaming Buttons or changing the lighting. The buttons can be easily programmed: When the status light starts to flash, click the interface you want to designate as a front button, then press the rear button of your choosing.

A separate story is a light show. To begin, push and keep the LED key until the top lights of the controller start to blink. To choose one of the three zones, press right on the direction button (the light strip around the gamepad, the left analog stick and face buttons, or the right analog stick and direction pad).

Pick red, yellow, blue, or green by pressing one of the eye buttons, then keep pushing the button to choose from one of five variations of that hue. Pressing down or up on the directions pad will change the brightness while pressing left will toggle between solid lights and a breathing effect.


The Beta Ultimate Enhanced Wired Controller For Xbox 1 is quite great to use because it would help you win the game due to its tranquility, relaxation, and flexibility to use, and we would like to say that in this article, you would obtain a significant amount of information about it. If you want to know more, we will do our best to deliver you reliable content. We are waiting for your feedback.

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