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How can I start my Own Brand?

A Brand:

A name, a design, a theme or a symbol, brands are the unique presentation of a built effort, distinguishing your product or service from the others in the market.

The core of any strong brand lies in the values and purpose behind its very creation. It is these values that the audience relates with, the story behind all the visual aspects.

Here are 6 Steps to Start your Own Brand:

1. Define your objective

What is the purpose behind your product and service? Once you identify the building blocks today, you will be able to build strong foundations for your brand of tomorrow.

Whatever your goals are, remember generating a stable revenue is the starting goal of any thriving business.

2. Research, Research, and Research Some More:

Manufacture a Marketing Plan:
Manufacture a Marketing Plan:

To build your brand, the first and foremost step is to know your surrounding. Learn your market,  define your competitors,  who your product and service is for, and why they would be interested.

In other words, we call this, market analysis.

Competitors are essential to research so you know what your brand is up against. The truth about the success of any business is the ability to overthrow everyone else in the same industry. Remember the number 1 goal of any business, is to generate revenue so as to survive. So the question then is why would the people choose your product or service over those already present in the market, this is where competitor research comes in, once understand what others are offering you need to find a unique value that they all lack and utilize it in your own business.  This could be a new feature you can introduce in your product or a good quality marketing strategy that can give your brand a kick-start in the game.

While competitor research is important, it is equally vital to first research and defines your target audience.

Know what they like, dislike, what is trending, their age group, social class, and locality. Psychographics and demographics play a huge impact in the process of establishing your own brand in the market.

How do you plan to catch their attention if you don’t know what would make them stop and want to hear more?

3. Give your Business a Name:

Finalize Logo Design, Website Design, and Packaging:
Finalize Logo Design, Website Design, and Packaging:

Take all the time you need in finding a name for your brand as your name is what your business will be today and tomorrow. Some things one should make sure of before choosing a name are:

. Make sure no other brand has the same name
. Your name is unique and hard to imitate
. It describes what you are selling
. Aim to keep your brand name broad and open, making it easier for you to brand later on.
. You can use a metaphor or an indirect association to your brand essence.

4. Design a Visual Identity of your Brand:

Gain Your Website Up ASAP:
Gain Your Website Up ASAP:

A tagline or a slogan is a catchy phrase or a combination of some words that define the essence and personality of your brand. Nike could not be better defined without ‘just do it’, nor will McDonald’s be complete without ‘I’m lovin’ it’. Define a tagline for your brand and let the creatives catch the consumer’s attention. Slogans become a memory, sometimes quicker than a brand name itself.

6. Now Find your People:

How can I make my own Brand?
How can I make my own Brand?

Your people are your niche, those interested in your brand for a reason. They are your target audience.

When your brand is defined, it is now time to communicate your message to your business consumers. The consumers,  those that would find your business as the solution to their problems before availing it are the audience you would need to target.

While traditional media has its own benefits,  new media is a lot less cheap and has a wider space for reaching the right people.

The new world is digital. This means you will find your audience online on social platforms. Where online interactions have paved way for the people to find like-minded individuals, new media has also reduced the attention span of people to a mere 2 seconds. Catch their attention in that time and they’ll stay to read ahead otherwise you’re just a post they’ll scroll away.

Use social platforms like Facebook,  LinkedIn,  Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok,  Snapchat, and others to find and communicate your brand to your target audience.

Remember each platform has a specific niche you will find, eg. You will find professionals on LinkedIn

So studying social networks is of great importance before delving into and preparing a social strategy for your brand.


This is a blog where you will come to know about business and how you make or create your products and sell them very easily without any difficulty. You will get many steps about your product. I want you to write comments about that blog. If you wish to detail this blog please comment. I will try my best to define the above.

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