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7 Creative Fashion Ideas of Coco Chanel

You Need to Know About Coco Chanel Creative Ideas:

From the start, I would like to type the words uttered by Coco Chanel about Fashion. Fashion is not just about dresses; fashion is something in the air. Fashion is in the sky, the street. Fashion is about opinion, the path we stay on, and what is going on. The use of clothing holds up gender roles culturally allocated to men and women by forcing single biological sex and motivating them to act politely in particular ways based on their sex. However, individuals can use their clothing to challenge the gender roles allocated to them. 20th century Gabrielle Coco Chanel and 21st century Alexander McQueen are two designers who have liberated women from shackling and constricted clothing, which set women as objects and not as powerful benefits with informative contributions.

Capable knows the Successful Life of Coco Chanel:

At the beginning of the 20th century, the idea of females in business seemed crazy madness. In those periods, men held all the positions of power and made all the money decisions. They believed that a lady’s value was in the home, caring for her children, cooking food for her family, and arranging the house. If a woman was required to do a job she could perhaps find a job in a shop or a factory, but she had no chance of working as a businesswoman or a banker or a lawyer. Women’s fashions in the US and Europe at the traveling importance of women’s ideas and their position in society. Fashionable women wore long clothes that almost touched the floor. It made it difficult for them to drive a car, ride a horse or even walk quickly. As a result, they required men to manage their travel for them. Fashionable women wanted to keep their skin as white as possible to display that they did not do work outside in the sunlight. It meant women spent a lot of time in the house. When they departed, they usually wore large hats. It was beautiful and decorated with beautiful and colorful flowers, leaves of different shapes, and fruit. These saved their faces from the sunlight and made it even more difficult for them to go somewhere. But many ladies were not glad of their values in society, & they did not like the clothes they had to wear either.

1st Step to Introducing Fashion:

7 Creative Fashion Ideas of Coco Chanel
7 Creative Fashion Ideas of Coco Chanel

One of these people was a French lady called Garbriel Coco Chanel. When she put the step into business in 1910, she planned to change the dresses that ladies wore. But over the next 16th years, she did much more than that, as she was one of the most popular and most successful business-lady of the century. Coco Chanel had no experience in business when she started her 1st hat shop in Paris in 1910. At that time, she was only 27 years old & she came from an ordained abandoned school. Coco worked as a dressmaker for a short time. Coco was fond of singing. Coco Chanel became a singer in the nightclub, where she was called Coco. She was a charming young lady; Coco always well dresses & she was good at making friends. Even though Coco did not have money & Coco did not belong to a rich family. She got together with fashionable, successful people and her boyfriend usually belonged to a rich family or young army officers. Coco has another boyfriend who was a young handsome Englishman known as Capel who had a big black mustache. While Coco asked him to lend her some money so she could open a shop for business. He was wondering to listen to that because he never heard about a business which was being run by a lady but he liked the idea. Then he asked her how much she wanted? Coco asked for enough moto to shop in the best streets in Paris. As he was a very rich person he did not care when he did not receive his money back. Coco already had many rich customers in her 1st shop. They loved the simple but charming hats that Coco made for them. They laughed at people who wore hats decorated with flowers & fruit. Soon everyone asked for simple hats from Coco shop. They also asked for a simple dress. Coco did not like the long dresses that fashionable ladies wore in that period. She enjoyed a short dress skirt that reached just below the knee. She also advised her customers to wear loose jackets and blouses that permitted them to breathe easily. Fashionable youth loved the idea of Coco Chanel there as her shop was running well.

2nd Step in Deaville:

2nd step in Deaville:
2nd step in Deaville:

In 1913 Coco asked for more money from Boy Capel to open a shop in the French seaside town of Deauville. As in summer, many fashionable people visit here that is why she decided to promote her business from there. Russian princesses, English women, and businessmen, daughters of Germans usually looked for clothes in the latest style. while she was famous in Paris, on the other hand, the women of Deauville loved Coco’s ideas of dressing. Coco earned a lot of money in the first year. she hoped that she would get more money in the next year but it did not have been like that. In June 1914 in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Gavrilo Prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand, was the main person in the Austrian royal family. For a year, countries were fighting against each other because they killed each other. In 1915 fighting was over & once again they started thinking about stylish dresses, so one person said that Coco Chanel is famous for her stylish dresses. Her dress is like that where the best dresses for women as women could walk, ride, drive, run, & also for taking a breath.

3rd Step in Biarritz in Deauville:

 Then she realized that Biarritz in Deauville wanted a new style of dress. The women liked the dress because the clothes made them charming and beautiful and comfortable but said to the boy that she did not have much money to design the clothes.so Boy once again helped her. She has been running for 3 years in 3 places. By 1916, 300 people were working for her. She usually designs new dresses or styles for her customers.

1st World War:

1918 was the most successful part of her business life. The 1st world war changed European society as young people were killed during the war which is why women started to do the job in any field while men were busy fighting. The women were earning themselves and wanted to enjoy themselves & moving to dance clubs and wearing a new style of dressing which made them beautiful so fashionable dresses belonged to Coco. Everyone thought to buy dresses from Coco and paid plenty of money for their dressing. Coco earned plenty of money and paid Boy an amount too. At the end of the war, her dresses were sold all over the world.

The Idea of Jewelry and Diamonds:

The Idea of Jewelry and Diamonds:

Then she was thinking about jewelry and diamonds being instruments of the beauty of women so started to design them according to the matching of her stylish dresses or clothes.

The Idea of Short Hair, Cosmetics, and Perfume:

The idea of short hair, cosmetics, and perfume:
The idea of short hair, cosmetics, and perfume:

She also introduced the idea of short hair. She also introduces that when women went outside their faces would be brown which made the women more beautiful than before. Time was going fast and as she was getting wrinkles on her face she started producing cosmetics material for old age. They also wanted to look beautiful like this. Her cosmetics products run well all over the world. Later on, she started thinking about perfume, if women do not wear perfume she has no future. so, in 1920 she met Pierre Wertheimer to discuss her plans. He has a factory in France and he was very glad to work with a famous designer. She said the perfume fragrance should be flowers fragrance & the bottle should be square-shaped and very clean. and she named that perfume her lucky number Chanel No. 5 because that year she succeeded all over the world.


To sum up the blog with a few lines. Coco was a brave lady that started the business in Europe although women could not do business like men. But she took a step into the fashion of business.

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